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Keyword [Image Matching]
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1. Research On Object Recognition Technology Based On Visual Attention And Local Invariant Feature
2. Research On Technologies Of Space Non-cooperative Area Targets Tracking
3. Research On Image Local Feature Matching Algorithm And Its Applications
4. Rearch On Image Local Feature And Its Application
5. Research On Extraction Of Fast Local Image Features
6. Image Matching Based On Local Feature Descriptors
7. Coloring Bag Of Words Based Image Representations
8. Image Patch-based Dense Correspondence Methods And Their Applications
9. Research On Technologies Of Matching Between Mid-infrared And Visible Band Remote Sensing Images
10. Structral Feature Matching In SAR Images
11. Study On Theory And Real Time Implementation Technology Of Image Target Tracking With Point Constraint In Time-space Domain
12. Study On Component Temperature Inversion Algorithm And The Scale Structure For Remote Sensing Pixel
13. Researches Of Phase-based Image Feature Detection And DSP-based Image Matching Machine
14. Geometric Constraints In Image Sequence And Their Applications
15. Study Of Several Critical Issues In Image Synthesis Based On Pixel Transferring
16. Research On Image Edge Detection And Image Matching And Their Applications
17. The Study On Genetic Optimization And Related Combination Algorithm For Remote Sensing Data Processing
18. Research On Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Image Matching For Navigation
19. On Key Algorithms Of 3D Reconstruction
20. Study On Image Matching Technology And Hardware In The Loop Simulation System For Image Catching And Command Guidance
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