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Keyword [Hyperbolic]
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1. Research On Graphene-based Photonic Devices
2. Research On Key Technologies Of Novel Portable 8mm Passive Focal Plane Array Imaging System
3. System Simultaneous Stabilization And Safety Verification Via Symbolic Computation
4. Control Analysis And Design For Uncertain Hyperbolic Distributed Parameter Systems
5. Research On Period Reduction Lithography Based On Surface Plasmon Polaritons Interference
6. Image Enhancing And Denoising Models Based On PDEs And Curvature-Driven Flows
7. Stability, Controllability Of Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Systems With Applications
8. Research On Geometric Modeling Simplification Technology In CAD
9. Researches On Disturbance Decoupling And Attenuation Control For Nonlinear Systems
10. Research On Robust Fault Tolerant Control For Nonlinear Systems Based On Fuzzy Model
11. Modeling With Geometric Constraints And Approximate Merging Of Curves And Surfaces
12. Research On Hierarchical Information Visualization Based On Hyperbolic Space
13. The Research Of Wireless Location Technology Based On Time Difference Of Arrival Measurements
14. Design On Navigational Parameter Compute Software And Man-Machine Interface Of Loran-C Receiver
15. Research On Some Problems Of Chaos Oscillator Detection And Its Application
16. Study On Blind Separation Algorithm Of Speech Based On Independent Component Analysis
17. On The Algebraic-hyperbolic B-spline Curves
18. Matrix Representation And Conversion Matrix For Two Bases Of The Algebraic Hyperbolic Space
19. The Research On The Unwarpping Of Image And Obtaining The Position Of Space Point In Omnidirectional Vision
20. Research On Positioning Calculation Technology Of Loran-C Navigation System
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