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Keyword [Hybrid algorithm]
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1. Research On Vehicle Routing Problems Of Logistics Distribution Based On Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
2. Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithms Based On Global Optimization And Local Learning
3. The Theorem And Practice Upon The Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
4. Intelligent Inversion Algorithms And Applications
5. Behavior Analyzing And Applicative Example Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
6. Study Of Algorithms Of Graphic-Matching, Control Of Packing And Contacting In Two-Dimensional Packing System
7. Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization And Its Application In Embedded Intelligent Control
8. Research On Electromagnetic Scattering From Rough Surfaces And Composite Scattering From Rough Surface With Target
9. Research On Problems Related To Electromagnetic Scattering From The Rough Surface And Composite Scattering From The Rough Surface And The Target
10. High-utility Association Rule Mining
11. Research On Real Time Collision Detection In Virtual Prototype Evironment
12. Adaptive Distributed Data Stream Management System
13. Study Of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm And Compound Form Method Solving Engineering Optimization Problems With Continuous And Discrete Variables
14. Study On The Method Of Adaptive Inverse Control
15. Two Genetic Algorithm For Job Shop Problems
16. PAR Reduction Of An OFDM System
17. Study On Selection For Feature Gene Subset In Microarray Expression Profiles Based On A SVM And GA Hybrid Algorithm
18. A Study On Approach Optimization For Logistics Distribution Based On Hybrid Algorithm System Of Ant Colony And Artificial Immune
19. Simulation Of Reactive Ion Etching
20. Research On The Hybrid Localization Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Networks
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