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1. Formal Analysis And Verification Of Hybrid Systems Via Co-Verification And Hybrid Relations
2. Certifying Compilation In An Infrastructure For Developing Trustable Software
3. Certifying The Safety Of Assembly Pointer Programs
4. A Pointer Logic For Safety Verification Of Pointer Programs
5. An Automatic Program Verification Tool For Pointerc: Design And Implemetation
6. The Research Of Software Formal Verification Technology Based On Hoare Logic
7. Adopting Case Modeling Study Support The Evolution Of The Form
8. The Design And Formal Verification Of System Task Of VTOS
9. The Formal Research On Assertion Elements Of Event Ontology
10. Design, Implementation And Verification Of Interrupt System In VTOS
11. The Design And Implementation Of Safe C Language
12. The Design And Implementation Of Verification Conditions Generator Of Safe C Language Verification Tool
13. Model,Methods And Tools For Formal Verification Of Assembly Language
14. Reasoning System For Calculus Of Wireless System Based On Hoare Logic
15. The Design And Implementation Of Verification Conditions Prover Of Safe C Language
16. A Proof System For Multithreaded Discrete Event Simulation Language
17. Extension Of The Design And Implementation Of The Verification Condition Generator In Safe C Verifier
18. Formal Verification Of SPARCv8 Assembly Code
19. Requirement Analysis And Verification Based On SysML Model
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