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Keyword [High repetition rate]
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1. Research On All-solid-state Nd:GdVO4Laser With High Repetition Rate And Short Pulse Width
2. Research Of The Key Technology Of Coherent Range And Range-rate Detection Ladar With Large Dynamic Range And High-repetition-rate
3. Research Of The Key Technology Of Synthetic Aperture Ladar Based On Phase-code Modulation
4. Research On High Repetition Rate Passively Mode-locked Fiber Laser
5. Amplification Of Solid-State And Fiber Ultra-Short Pulse Lasers
6. Novel Visible-NIR Ultrafast Sources
7. Study On 1064nm Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Pumped PPMgLN Mid-infrared Optical Parametric Oscillator
8. Study On High Repetition Rate And Broadband Femtosecond Fiber Lasers
10. Study On Some Key Technology Of High Average Power High Repetition Rate Tea CO2 Lasers
11. Property Optimization Of Femtosecond Lasers
12. Investigation On Mecahanisms And Characteristics Of Strontium And Strontium Halide Vapor Laser
13. Investigation Of The Ne-CuBr UV Laser Excited By High Repetition Rate Longitudinal Pulsed Discharge
14. Research On 879NM Laser-Diode Endpumped ND:GDVO4 Laser With High Repetition Rate And High Brightness
15. Research On High Repetition Rate High Peak Power Blue Lasers By Frequency Doubling Of Nd3+-Doped Lasers
16. Kinetic Simulation On DPAL And Experimental Study On SrCl2 Vapor Laser
17. Study On High Repetition Rate Cr~(4+): YAG Passively Q-switched Laser
18. Study On Laser Paint Stripping Of Aircraft Surface
19. Research Of High Voltage And High Repetition Rate Nanosecond Pulse Generator
20. The Research Of LD End-Pumped AO Q-Switched Nd:GdVO4 Laser With High Repetition Rate
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