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Keyword [Hidden Markov Model]
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1. Research On Methodology Of Analog Circuit Soft Fault Diagnosis With Tolerance
2. Statistical Model Based Mandarin Chinese Singing Voice Synthesis
3. Research On Key Techniques Of Receiver For CPM Signals In Wireless Fading Channels
4. Time-Frequency Speech Presence Probability And Noise Power Spectrum Estimation In Noisy Environments
5. Deep Neural Network For Automatic Mispronunciation Detection And Error Diagnosis
6. Research On Neural Network-based Acoustic Modeling For Speech Synthesis
7. Research On Vehicle Travel Time Prediction Based On Hidden Markov Model
8. Research On Face Recognition Technology
9. Studies On Hand-Drawn Graphics Recognition In Human Machine Interaction
10. Study On Face Detection And Recognition
11. Embedded Hidden Markov Model And Neural Network For Face Recognition
12. Study On Missle-borne MMW PD Radar Guidance Information Processing
13. HMM Dynamical Pattern Recognition Theories, Methods And Applications In Faults Diagnosis Of Rotating Machine
14. The Theory And Application Research On Intelligent Search Engine
15. Research On Hidden Markov Model And Its Application To Image Recognition
16. Fingerprint Classification And Fingerprint Matching Based On Embedded Hidden Markov Model Model
17. The Recognition Model Research Based On Whole Acoustic Structure Features Of Speech Unit
18. Statistical Process Monitoring Via Hidden Markov Model
19. Blind Channel Identification(Equalization) And Its Application
20. Content-based Automated Video Surveillance
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