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Keyword [Hardware Description Language]
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1. Research On Design Methodology Of SPIC
2. Research Of Key Technology On AAL2 Switch
3. Design And Study Of Soft Core Of 8-bit Microprocessor And Interface Of IIC Bus
4. Research Of Hardware Implementation For VRC Algorithms
5. Design And Implementation Of PCI Bus Controller Based On ASIC
6. A Design To Digital Integrated System Based On FPGA
7. Design Of Wireless Data-transmit System Based On ASIC
8. The Research And Development Of The Network Courseware For "Verilog HDL Hardware Description Language"
9. The Behavioral Level Design And Verification Of Mixed Signal Circuits
10. Design And Realization Of Independent Learning-based FPGA Experiment Learning Board
11. The Application About FPGA Technology In TETRA Terminal
12. Research And Hardware Implementation For Vector To Raster Conversion
13. The Study Of Transmission System Of Optic Rotary Joint Component
14. Research And Design Of GPON System ONU MAC Layer's Downstream Chain
15. Design Of Multi-Channel DMA Controller IP Core On FPGA
16. Research On Peripheral Modules Of Single Chip Micro-Computer
17. The Design Of FIR Filter Based-on Distributed Arithmetic And Implementation By Using FPGA
18. CPLD Implementation In Switch Power Drive System Of High Power CO2 Laser
19. FPGA Design And Implementation Of Viterbi Decoder In High-density Optical Disc
20. The Research Of Serial Physical Layer Of High Speed Serial Bus Based On Programmable Chip
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