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1. Research On H∞ Quantized Feedback Control For Networked Control System With Markov Characteristics
2. The Structured Perturbed Robust H_∞ Control For Open-loop Thermal Power Torpedo Propulsion System
3. A Study On Robust Control For Linear Uncertain Time-delay Systems
4. Robust Control Of Linear Uncertain Systems
5. Iterative Learning Control Systems Design And Its Applications
6. Robust Control Theory And Its Application On Nonlinear Systems
7. Study On Multiple Moving Targets Passive Tracking And Data Association Algorithms
8. Research On Robust Adaptive Neural-net Based Control And Construction Of Distributed 3D Flight Simulation Platform
9. Satisfactory Control And Estimation Of Linear Periodic Multirate Systems
10. The Study Of Uncertain Robot Force/Position Intelligent Control And Trajectory Tracking Experiment
11. Research On High-speed And High-precision Control Of Industrial Robots
13. Study On Optimal Placement Of Actuators And Sensors Of LSMA Reflector Control At Orbit
14. Study On Shape Control At Orbit Of Depolyable LSMA Reflector Based On LMI
15. Research On Fuzzy Optimization Of H∞ Control Based On Mixed Sensitivity Function
16. Initial Alignment Of Inertial Strapdown Navigation System Using H_∞ Filtering
17. Research On The Method Of H_∞ Weighting Functions Optimizing Control Based On The Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
18. Research On Fuzzy Descriptor Control Systems Based On Takagi-Sugeno Model
19. Research On The Application Of Nonlinear H_∞ Control Based On The Intelligent Method
20. Study On Blind Adaptive Speech Enhancement Algorithm Based On H∞ Filter
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