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Keyword [Group Signature]
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1. Study On E-cash Systems And Public-key Infrastructure
2. Research On Internet Security And Related Techniques
3. Research On The Anonymity Problem In The Public-key Cryptosystem
4. Research On Theory And Technology Of Society-Oriented Signature
5. Research On Digital Signatures With Additional Properties
6. The Research And Implementation Of Security Architecture Of Electronic Payment
7. Study On The Group Signature And Blind Signature
8. The Conic Curves Over Z_n And Its Applications In Public-Key Cryptosystem
9. Research On The Threshold Signature Scheme
10. Design And Analysis Of Proxy Signature And Group Signature
11. Study On Digital Signatures From Bilinear Pairing
12. Design And Research Of Group Digital Signature Schemes
13. Research On Complex Digital Signature Schemes And Security Authentication
14. The Analysis And Design Of Certificateless Cryptographic Schemes And Proxy Cryptographic Schemes
15. Research On Pairing-based Group Cryptography
16. The Research On Digital Signature Schemes
17. Research On Theory And Applications Of Digital Signature
18. Research On Group-Oriented Digital Signature And Its Application
19. Research On The Technology About Secure Group Communication In Grid
20. Traceable Anonymous Signature And Its Applications To Electronic Commerce
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