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Keyword [Gray level co-occurrence matrix]
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1. Research On Metal Fracture Images Classification And Fatigue Period Measurement
2. Research On Measurement And Recognition For Man Face Skin Texture
3. The Study Of Measuring Technology For Skin Surface Condition
4. The Application Of Texture Analysis In Image Recognition Of Remoce Sensing
5. Texture Description Of Micro-cell Image
6. The Research Of Intelligence Algorithm For The Classification Of SAR Sea Ice Images
7. Texture Information Extraction In Remote Sensing Imageries With Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix And Wavelet Transform
8. Texture Feature Extraction And Classification Based On Directional Filter Banks
9. The Design Of The Fiber Automatic Recognition Software System Based On Image Processing Technology
10. Studies On The Surface Roughness With Texture Analysis Of Laser Speckle Images
11. Research On Fire Smoke Detection Based On Image Processing
12. Image Measurement Research For Automatic Target Recognition Performance Evaluation
13. Study On Embedded Monitoring System Used For Crowd Density Estimation
14. Classification And Recognition For Halftoning Image
15. Study On Image Quality Assessment For Inverse Halftoning
16. Improved Algorithm Of Edge Detection Based On B-spline Wavelet
17. Overlaid Caption Extraction In News Video Based On SVM
18. Study On Gas/Liquid Two-phase Flow Patterns Based On Conductance Sensor And Image Processing Techniques
19. Extracting The Information Of Water System Based On Texture And Analysis Of The Water System Features
20. Research And Implementation Of Image Retrieval Based On Color And Texture
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