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1. Study Of Biosensors Based On Inorganic Nano-composite Materials And Organic Thin-film Materials
2. Study On Amperometric Biosensors Based On New Organic-inorganic Hybrid Material
3. Preparation Of Nanowire Array And Composite Films Based On Carbon Nanotubes For The Construction Of Electrochemical Biosensors
4. Study On Glucose Nanobiosensors
5. Fabrication Of Glucose Biosensors Based On Nanomaterials And Glucose Oxidase Mono/multilayered Films
6. Fabrication Of Novel Electrochemical Biosensors Based On Layered Nanomaterials
7. Study On Electrochemical Biosensors Based On Carbon Mesoporous Materials
8. Synthesis Of Polymer/Protein Core-Shell Nanoparticles And Their Application In Glucose Biosensors
9. The Fabrication And Application Of Silicon Microstructural Material
10. Novel Three-dimensional Sensors Based On Silicon Microchannel Plates
11. Study On Building, Mechanism And Application Of Glucose Biosensor
12. Research On Technique For Real-time 3D Localization Of GLUT4 Vesicles In Live Cells With Nano-precision
13. The Application Of Nano Silver Colloidal In Amperometric Glucose Oxidase Biosenser
14. Study On Amperometric Glucose Biosensor, Iodide Electrodes With High Selectivity And Solid-State PH Electrodes
15. Printed Electrochemical Glucose Biosensors And Its Application In Flow Injection Analysis
16. Electrostatic Self-Assembly Mono-Layered Composite Films For Glucose Biosensors
17. The Application Of Conducting And Non-conducting Polymers In The Glucose Biosensors
18. Noninvasive Measurement Of Optical Properties Of Biological Tissue And Its Application For Detection Of Glucose Concentration
19. Fabrication Of New Amperometric Biosensor
20. Fabrication And Analytical Application Of Dissolved Oxygen Biosensors
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