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Keyword [Genetic algorithms]
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1. Study On Dielectric-covered Substrate Integrated Waveguide Slot Antennas
2. Research On Interactive Genetic Algorithms And Its Application In Decision-Making Problems With Tacit Objectives
3. Research On Intelligent Algorithms For Constrained Interval Nonlinear Optimizations
4. Research On Key Modeling And Controling For Multi-Dimensional Ultra-Precision Positioning System
5. Researches On Detecting And Tracking Dim Small Targets In Image Sequences
6. Ecological System Algorithms And Their Applications In Industrial Process Control
7. Adversarial Problems Solving Based On Competitive Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms
8. Symmetry Studying On The Discrete Hopfield Model Neural Networks
9. Bandwidth Dynamic Allocation And QoS Control For Broadband Networks
10. The Research Of The Intelligent Composite Control Policy For Lag System And Non-Minimum Phase System
11. Research On Human Behavior Representation Of Fighter Dogfight Combat
12. Radar CFAR Detection And Distributed Radar CFAR Detection Under Complicated Environments
13. Research On Fitness Landscapes Of Genetic Algorithms And GA-hardness
14. Study On Improving The Numerical Optimization Efficiency Of Real-coded Genetic Algorithms
15. Researches On Genetic Algorithms And Its Applications In Tracking System
16. Researches On The Performance Of Genetic Algorithms And Their Applications In Clustering Analysis
17. Task Matching And Scheduling In Network Computing Environments Based On Genetic Algorithms
18. A Research On Spatial Data Mining
19. Eugenic Evolutionary Optimization And Statistical Learning Modeling
20. Cyclic Subspace Regression Modeling And Genetic Algorithm Optimization Based On Multi-Agent
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