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Keyword [General Regression]
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1. Neural Network Based Reconstruction Of Realistic Images Of Virtual Scene
2. Research On Control System Of Tunnel Rock-Drilling Robot And Analyzing & Compensating Of Its Positioning Error
3. Grid Performance Prediction Based On General Regression Neural Network
4. Study On SOM Network, General Regression Neural Network And Their Hybrid Model
5. Optimization Of Modeling Industrial Process Based On General Regression Neural Network
6. Spike Based Brain-machine Interface Algorithm Research
7. General Regression Analysis Model And Its Quantitative Analysis Of Literature Information In The Application
8. Prediction Of Length Of Day Based On Artificial Neural Networks
9. Acclimatization Calculation Research Based On Multiple Stereovision
10. Development Of A Wrist Decoding Syste Based On Monkey Primary Motor Cortex
11. Research Of Application Of General Regression Neural Network To Deformation Monitoring Of Foundation-Pit
12. Construction Of Multi-aperture Overlapping Bionic Compound Eyes Imaging System And Its Application In Target Positioning
13. The Research Of Refrigeration Compressor Sales Prediction Based On A New General Regression Neural Network
14. The Research And Application Of The Combination Algorithm Based On Artificial Intelligence And The Multi-step Ahead Forecasting
15. Optical Performance Monitoring Of High Speed Optical Signal Based On Machine Learning
16. Measurement Of Anthropometric Parameters And Individualization Of Head-Related Transfer Function
17. Research On Radar Emitter Signal Feature Extraction And Identification Technology
18. Research On Parallel Ensemble Learning Of Glowworm Swarm Optimization And General Regression Neutral Network
19. Research On Designing And Test Data Fitting Of SAW Micro Pressure Sensor
20. Research On Web Page Ranking Learning Based On Generalized Regression Neural Network
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