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Keyword [Gait recognition]
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1. Gait Recognition Based On Multi Source Information Fusion
2. Research On Video Based Human Objecet Tracking And Recognition
3. The Research On Intelligent Recognition System Of Gate And Its Recognition Technology In Urban Railway Traffic
4. Research On Human Identification Based On Gait Analysis
5. Video-based Gait Recognition
6. Research On The Method Of Gait Feature Extraction And Recognition
7. Research On The Method Of Gait Feature Extraction And Recognition
8. Study On Gait Feature Extraction And Human Identification Based On Computer Vision
9. Research On Gait-based Human Identification
10. Research On Human Gait Recognition Methods Based On Image Sequences
11. Study On The Novel Technique Of Gait Recognition Based On Wavelet Transform And Support Vector Machine
12. Gait Recognition Based On Statistical Characteristics Of Image Sequences
13. Gait Recognition Based On Stereo Vision
14. Research On Human Gait Recognition
15. Study On Human Motion Recogniton Based On Pressure Sensing Gait
16. Gait Recognition Based On Haptic Force Information
17. Research On Gait Recognition Based On Human Body Motion Analysis
18. Research On New Techniques Of Infrared Gait Recognition Based On Information Fusion
19. Study On The Key Techniques For Human Identification At A Distance Based On Fusion Of Gait And Face
20. Research Of Human Gait Recognition Via Deterministic Learning Theory
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