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Keyword [Gait]
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1. Research On The Design And Gait Planning Of Multi-locomotion Modes Of A Bionic Leg-wheel Hybrid Mechanisms
2. Movement Mechanism And Experimental Study Of Multi-legged Robot Based On Hybrid-Driven Mechanism
3. Research And Realization On Locomotion Control Technology Of Quadruped Robot
4. Research On Terrain Perception And Static Gait Planning For The Quadruped Robot Based On TOF Camera
5. Electrically Driven Large-load-ratio Six-legged Robot Structural Design And Its Mobile Characteristics Research
6. Motion Plan And Coordinated Control Of A Quadruped Robot
7. Research On Motion Planning And Flocking Control For Humanoid Robot
8. Study On The Planning And Stability Of Omnidirectional Locomotion For Quadruped Robot
9. Research On The Free Gait Planning And Motion Mechanism Of A Hexapod Robot
10. Gait Recognition Based On Multi Source Information Fusion
11. On The Finite-time Stability Analysis And Gait Optimal Control For Dynamic Bipedal Robot
12. The Research On The Method Of Walking Generation And Stable Control On Multi-terrain For Humanoid Biped Robot
13. Research On Walking Method Of Quadruped Robot On Complex Terrain And Environment
14. Research On Active Compliance And Trotting Gait Control Of A Quadruped Robot
15. Research On Video Based Human Objecet Tracking And Recognition
16. Gait Planning And Control Research Of A Novel Lower Extremity Exoskeleton With Series-parallel Mechanism
17. Intuitive Control Based On Virtual Model For Quadruped Robot Trot Gait
18. Research On Walking Mechanism Analysis And Control System Of A Crab-liked Biologically Inspired Robot
19. Research And Development Of Biped Robot With Heterogeneous Legs
20. Bipedal Dynamic-Walking For A Humanoid Robot
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