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Keyword [Fuzzy System]
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1. Recognition And Intelligent Modeling Methods Based On Multi-view Learning And Trasnfer Learning
2. Research On Type-2 Fuzzy System Optimization And Applications
3. Research On Intelligent Identification And Control Of Chaotic System
4. System Sample Value Feedback Stabilization Study
5. Study On Uncertain Reasoning Theory And Knowledge Discovery
6. Research On Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems And It's Application On Face Recognition
7. Multi-Resolution Based Fuzzy System And Its Applications In Locomotive Adhesion Control
8. Research On Genetic Fuzzy System For Knowledge Extraction
9. Problem Solving Of Fuzzy System & Fuzzy Control Based On The Theory Of Quotient Space
10. Study On Classification Association Rules Mining And Its Application In Complicated Industry Process
11. Research On Data-Driven Fuzzy System Modeling
12. An Optimization Method Inspired By "Chaotic" Ant Behavior And Its Applications
13. Dynamic Modeling And Intelligent Control Of The Constrained Flexible-Link Robot Manipulators
14. Impulsive Fuzzy Modeling Of Nonlinear System And Its Stability
15. Stability Analysis And Controller Design Of Some T-S Fuzzy Systems
16. Intelligent Techniques Based Stable Adaptive Control For Nonlinear Systems
17. PLS Algorithm And Its Applications To SRM-Based Machine Learning
18. Modifications And Applications Of Genetic Algorithm And Particle Swarm Optimization
19. Study On LMI Based Predictive Control For Systems With Time-delay
20. Contributions To Several Issues Of Machine Learning Method Based On Support Vector Machine And Fuzzy System
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