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1. The Research And Application Of Association Rules Mining Algorithms Based On Directed Itemset Graph
2. Data-Mining Methods Study And Its Application In Tranditional Chinese Prescription Compatibility Analysis
3. Algorithms Of Maximal Frequent Itemset Mining And Their Applications
4. Research And Application On Association Rule Mining
5. Study On Key Issues In Association Rule Mining Based On Concept Lattice Model
6. Studies On Several Problems Of Data Minging
7. The Research On The Model Of Mining Association Rules Based On Quantitative Extended Concept Lattice
8. A Study Of The Association Rule Mining EARM Algorithm And It's Application
9. Algorithm Optimization Research And Application Of Association Rule In Data Mining
10. A Study And Application Of Data Mining Technologies In "Chinese Educational Economic Information Net
11. Multi-level Mutli-dimesional Frequent Itemset Mining
12. Algorithm Research And Application Of Association Rules In Data Mining
13. Research On Association Rule Mining Algorithm Based On Disjunction-free Sets
14. Researching And Implementation Of Detection Plug-in On Snort
15. The Research And Implementation Of Association Rule Data Mining Algorithm
16. Research And Application Of Outlier Mining And Finding Intentional Knowledge
17. Research And Application Of Data Mining Techniques Based On CRM
18. Research On The Algorithms Of Association Rule Mining
19. The Research And Application On The Algorithms Of Mining Association Rules
20. Study On Fast Algorithm For Generating Association Rules
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