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Keyword [Flexible job-shop scheduling]
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1. Decomposition-based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms And Their Applications
2. Evolutionary Multi-objective Algorithms Based On Global Optimization And Local Learning
3. Research On The Shop Scheduling Problem With Naturally-Inspired Heuristic Algorithms
4. Research On The Optimization Methods Based On Particle Swarm Optimization
5. Research Of Improved Immune Genetic Algorithms And Its Applications In Optimization Scheduling Problem
6. Research On Methods For Multi-objective Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Problem
7. Research On Swarm Intelligent Optimization Algorithm For Flexible Job Shop Scheduling
8. Design And Implementation Of Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Management System
9. Research On Job-shop Scheduling Problem Based On Genetic Arithmetic
10. Using A Learning Architecture Based On Symbiotic Genetic Algorithm To Solving Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problems
11. General Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Its Application To The Job Shop Scheduling Problems
12. Research On Job Shop Scheduling System Of MES Based On Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
13. Based On Improved Genetic Algorithm Study On The Mixed Shop Scheduling Problem
14. Job-Shop Scheduling Method Based On Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
15. Research On Job-Shop Scheduling Problem Based On Improved Genetic Algorithm
16. Algorithm Design For Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems
17. Algorithm Designing Of Varible Batch Flexible Job-shop Scheduling With Multi-products
18. Multi-Objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem Based On Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization
19. Cellular Particle Swarm Optimization And Its Applications On Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
20. Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem Based On Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization
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