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1. Investigation Of Graphene Based Plasmonic Filters
2. Theories And Algorithms For Fast Designs Of Two-dimensional Constrained FIR Filters
3. A Study On Programmable Gain Amplifier And Low-pass Filter For Hard Disk Drive Read Channel
4. Silicon-based Microring Resonator And The Appli- Cations
5. Temporal-Spatial Interpolation For Image And Video Upsampling Technology
6. Study On Fault Detection For Switched Systems
7. Research On Fault Diagnosis And Fault-tolerant Control Of Time-delay Systems
8. Research On Several Issues About Image Processing Based On Pulse Coupled Neural Networks
9. Investigation On Microwave Integrated Dielectric TM Mode Filter And Coupled-line Based Power Dividing Circuits
10. Research On Algorithms For LPI Radar Reconnaissance Signal Processing
11. Research On High Performance Planar Microwave Filter And Diplexer
12. Parameter Estimation Of MIMO Radar Based On Compressed Sensing
13. Research On Key Technology Of Vision Aided Inertial Navigation Based On Multiple View Geometry
14. Study Of Key Techniques In Compression Of Ultra-high-definition Images With Constrained Resource
15. Research On Methods For Passive Multi-sensor Target Tracking Based On Random Finite Sets
16. Research On Approaches To Adaptive High-Dynamic-Range Vision Towards The Automotive Applications
17. Research On Key Technologies For High Accuracy Infrared Tracking System On Water Platform
18. Research Of Localization And Tracking In Wireless Sensor Networks
19. Researches On Microwave Key Device Based On Complementary Split Ring Resonator And Nematic Liquid Crystal
20. Information Fusion Robust Kalman Filter
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