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1. Output Feedback Regulation For Several Classes Of Feedforward Nonlinear Systems
2. Reaearch On Several Control Issues For A Class Of Nonsmooth Uncertain Systems
3. Research On H∞ Quantized Feedback Control For Networked Control System With Markov Characteristics
4. Research On System Identification And Their Application In Control
5. Physical Layer Security In Multiuser MIMO Downlink Systems
6. Robust Stability Analysis And Control Of Some Classes Of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
7. Studies Of Beamforming Technique In Wireless Physical Layer Security
8. Key Techniques For Relay/Multicell MIMO Systems With Imperfect CSI
9. Research On Key Technologies For Recommending User-Generated Content In Social Media
10. Single Feedback Shifted LT Codes With Joint Channel Coding
11. Study On Adaptive Iterative Learning Control For Several Classes Of Nonlinear Systems
12. Study On Resource Allocation Scheme For Cognitive Radar
13. Research On Limited Feedback-based Precoding And Antenna Combining Techniques In MIMO Systems
14. Study On Key Techniques For Broadband High Efficient And Linear RF Front-end
15. Research On The Force Feedback Master Manipulator And Time Delay Control Of Teleoperation Orthopaedic Surgery System
16. Network Error Correcting Code On Zig-zag Network
17. Structural Analysis And H_∞ Control For Some Classes Of Positive Systems
18. Performance Analysis Of Physical Layer Security In Multiuser Communications
19. Research On Interference Mitigation Schemes Of Multiple Antennas Systems
20. Research On Content Based Image Retrieval In The Distributed System
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