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1. Research On Sub-wavelength Resolution Of Photoacoustic Microscopy Imaging Based On Acoustic Metamaterial Lens
2. Research On The Control Methods Of Infrared Thermal Radiation Characteristics Of Microstructured Surfaces
3. Research Of Fiber Optic Biosensor Based On Evanescent Wave
4. Chemo-sensor Based On Evanescent Wave Of Long Period Fiber Grating
5. Fluid Sensing Theory And Experimental Researches On Optical Fiber Cavity Ring-down Spectrosocy
6. Study Fluid-membrane Interaction With Micro Lamb Wave Sensor
7. Theoretical Analysis And Signal Processing Experiments Of The Evanescent Wave-based Optical Fiber Biosensors
8. The Fabrication And Applilcation Of Silica Nanometre Optical Waveguide
9. Theoretical Investigation Of Coupled Plasmon Resonant Waveguide Based On Evanescent Wave
10. Theoretical Analysis And Optimization Design Of Pivotal Components In The Evanescent Wave-based Optical Fiber Biosensors
11. Parameters Design And Analysis Of Optical Fiber Evanescent Wave Absorbing Sensor
12. Study On The Properties Of Silica Nano Wire Waveguides & Its Application In Sensing
13. The Study Of The Fabrication And The Propagation Property Of Subwavelength Diameter Optical Fiber
14. Theoretical Analysis And Optimization Design Of Fiber-Optic Biosensors
15. Fiber Optic PH Sensor Based On Evanescent Wave Absorption
16. Synthesis And Characteristic Of Cryptophane A, E And Their Sensitivity To Methane
17. Study On Sensoring Characteristics Of Photonic Crystal Fiber Evanescent Wave
18. Guiding And Far-field Radiation Properties Of Micro/Nano Optical Fiber
19. New Chemical And Biological Sensors Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance And Piezoelectric Immunosensor
20. Two Types Of Simulation And Disappearance Of Electromagnetic Waves In A Rectangular Waveguide
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