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1. Research On Gas Sensing Properties Of One-dimensional Metal Oxides Nanomaterials
2. A Study On Methanol/ethanol Sensing Properties Of Metal Oxide Nanofibers
3. Synthesis And Characterization Of Organic/Inorganic Fluorescent Materials And Their Application For Optical Chemosensors
4. Study On Humidity Sensing Properties Of BaTiO3 Nanofiber
5. Study On The Fabrication And Application Of Semiconductor Oxide Nanofibers In Gas Sensors
6. Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Based Electrospun Nanofiber Sensors For Trace Amounts Of Harmful Substances Detection In Liquid
7. Study Of Humidity Sensor Based On Surface Acoustic Wave And Micro/Nano Technology
8. Preparation Of Nano Oxide Semiconductor Electrode Materials And Its Electrochemical Biosensing Applications
9. Research On The Fabrication Of Micromachine Driven By Magnetic Field
10. Study On Humidity Sensing Prperties Of One-dimensional Nano-composite Metal Oxide Bax Sr1-XTiO3 Materials
11. Preparation And Properties Of Oxide Films And Nanofibers Field Effect Transistors
12. Design, Preparation And Properties Of Fluorescent/Colorimetric Chemosensing Materials
13. Study On The Design And Application Of Ethanol Sensing Materials
14. Fabrication Of Photoanodes Of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells&Novel Photoelectrochemical UV-detector
15. Gas-Sensing Performance And Mechanism Study Based On Oxide Fibers And Zeolite-Y For VOC Detection
16. Preparation And Sensing Properties Study Of Gas Sensing Material Based On Bipolar Electrospinning With Double Jets
17. Study On Metal Oxide Semiconductor Coaxial Fibers And Their Gas Sensing Performances
18. The Preparation Of Oxide Semiconductor Nanofibers And Their Application On Gas Sensing And Field-effect Devices
19. Preliminary Study Of Chemical Sensor Based On Micro/Nano Fibers Fabricated By Electrospinning Technology
20. Synthesis And Characterization Of Fluorescence Sensor For Detection Of Fluoride Ion
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