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Keyword [Electric field distribution]
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1. Study On Mechanisms Of GaN HEMT Structure Schottky Diodes And E/D Mode Integrated Circuits
2. Research On Luminance Characteristics And Testing Technology Of Low Light Image Intensifier Fluorescence Screen
3. Research On Proximity Capacitive Sensor Design And ECT Technique
4. Study On Software And Image Reconstruction Algorithms For Wire Mesh Tomography System
5. Theoretical Research On 2-D Field Plates In The SOI Lateral Power Devices
6. Thyratron Pulse Electric Field Distribution And The Distribution Of Plasma Diffusion
7. Study On The Electirc Ifeld And Energy Distirbution Of Micro/nano Optical Fibers
8. Electric Simulation Of A Silicon Drift Detector Using A Spiral Biasing Adapter
9. The Study On Suppression Of Edge Pre-breakdown And Excess Noise Factor Measurement Of APDs
10. Research On Electric Polarizability And Electric Field Distribution Characteristics Of Apertured Shielding Cavity
11. Analysis Of Bandwidth Expansion And Application Of Leaky Coaxial Cable
12. Research On Breakdown Characteristics Of GaN HEMT In Dynamic Process
13. Analysis Of Temperature Field And High Voltage Electric Field Of Carbon Nanotube Cold Cathode Micro-focus X-ray Tube And Development Of Encapsulating Component
14. Design And Analysis Of The Novel Partial SOI LIGBT
15. Electric Field Modulation Mechanism And Modeling Of SOI-based Lateral Power Devices
16. Research On Finite Element Simulation Of Electric Field Distribution And Shielding Method For Three-dimensional Force Microcapacitance Sensor
17. Research On Theory And Design Of Extended Wavelength Avalanche Photodiodes
18. Study On Electric Field Distribution In The Cavity Under External Field Irradiation
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