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Keyword [Dynamic modeling]
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1. Research On Analyses Of Motion Characteristics And Motion Control Of Serial Robot Combining Screw Theory
2. Mechanical Analysis And Performance Optimization Of The Cable-driven Parallel Robot
3. Research On Frog-Inspired Biomimetic Jumping Robot Actuated By Pneumatic Muscles And Its Key Technologies
4. Study On Detection And Analysis In Fruit Phenotype Based On Imaging Techniques
5. Reliability Modeling And Analysis Of Complex Correlative System
6. A Study On Simulation And Optimization Of Naphtha Catalytic Reforming Processes
7. Design Theory And Methodology Of The TriVariant-A 5-DOF Reconfigurable PKM Module
8. The Investigation Of 2-DOF High-speed And High-precision Positioning System For IC Packaging
9. Studies On Physically Based Realistic Rendering Of Nature Phenomena
10. Dynamic Modeling And Intelligent Control Of The Constrained Flexible-Link Robot Manipulators
11. Identification And Control Of Nonlinear Systems Using Neural Networks
12. Design, Modeling, And Control Of Bionic Underwater Vehicle Propelled By Multiple Undulatory Fins
13. A Study On Some Issues For Bicycle Robot Nonlinear System
14. Research On Installation, Modeling And Control Of The Constrained Flexible-Link Robot Manipulators
15. Dynamical Behavior And Robust Control Strategies Of The Underwater Gliders
16. Methodology And Practice Of Continuous 3R Oblique Axis Non-spherical Wrist For Spraying Painting Robot
17. Dynamic Modeling And Application Research On The Articulated Multibody System With Second-Order Nonholonomic Contraints
18. Research On Environment Perception For Autonomous Vehicles
19. Research On Dynamics And Restraining Vibration Of Assembled Flexible Link
20. Dynamic Modeling And Control Of A 2-DOF Redundantly Actuated Parallel Robot
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