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Keyword [Disturbance]
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1. A Study On Fiber Optic Sensor Employing Time Delay Estimation For Disturbance Detection And Location
2. Finite-time Consensus Tracking Of Multi-agent Systems
3. Research On Spread Sea Clutter Modeling And Suppression In HF Sky-surface Wave Radar
4. Time-Varying And Discontinuous Control For Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
5. H_∞ Filtering And Control For Stochastic Networked Control Systems
6. Research On The Scanning Image Motion Compensation Technology Based On Fast Steering Mirrors With High Precision And Wide Frequency Range
7. Robust Modeling And Predictive Controller Design Based On The Dynamic PLS Method
8. Dynamic Charateristic And Control Method Research For High-Speed High-Precision Ball Screw Positioning System
9. Control Analysis And Design For Uncertain Hyperbolic Distributed Parameter Systems
10. Modeling And Performance Evaluation Of Electro-optical Imaging System Under Strong Radiation Sources Disturbance
11. Study On Internal Model Control Strategy For Complicated System With Time Delay Process
12. Optimization And Design Of Fixed-Structure Controllers For Processes With Time Delays Under Constant Disturbaces
13. Research On Anti-Disturbance Filter Theory And Its Application In Polarization Integrated Navigation System
14. Research On Motion Control System And Fast High-precision Positioning Technology For Wire Bonding
15. On Trajectory Generation And Disturbance Rejection Control Of The Quadrotors
16. Observer-based Disturbance Rejection Control Methodology And Performance Evaluation
17. The Study On Mixed H2/H Robust Control Theory And Its Application
18. Study On Laser-induced CCD Detector Vulnerability And Survivability And Fussy Synthetic Evaluation On CCD Jamming Effects
19. Study On Passive Underwater Target Tracking And Adaptive Guidance Law Design
20. Researches For Linear System With Time Delay In Frequency Domain
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