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Keyword [Dispersion Compensation Fiber]
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1. Fabrication Technology And Sensor Applications Of Fiber Bragg Grating
2. Research On Dispersion Compensation Fiber And Module
3. Research On Theoretical Model, Structural Designing And Fabricating Technique For Photonic Crystal Fibers
4. The Fiber Gratings For Dispersion Compensation And Fiber Lasers
5. Theoretical And Experimental Research Of Dynamical Chromatic Dispersion Compensation In High-bit-rate Optical Fiber Communication Systems
6. Compensation Of Dispersion And Nonlinearity In High-speed Fiber Communication Systems
7. Study On Special Fibers Based On Mode Coupling And Higher Order Mode Photonic Bandgap Fibers
8. Compression Of Laser Diode Pulses Based On Dispersion-Decreasing Fiber And Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirrors
9. Application Of Fiber Grating In Dispersion Compensation In High-speed Optical Communication System
10. Design Of The Digital Processing Circuits Based On DSP For Dynamic Chromatic Dispersion Compensation In 40Gbps Optical Fiber Communication Systems
11. Research On Dispersion Compensation Fiber Module
12. Higher Order Mode-compensated Single-mode Fiber Dispersion Technology Research
13. Researches On Optical Signal Quality Optimization For High-Speed Fiber-Optic Communication
14. Cross-Phase Modulation Induced By Dispersion Compensation Fibers In Coherent QPSK/OOK System
15. Optimization Of DCF Dispersion Compensation Scheme Based On New Modulation Format
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