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Keyword [Discrete Wavelet Transform]
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1. Study Of Key Techniques In Compression Of Ultra-high-definition Images With Constrained Resource
2. Key Technology Research Of JPEG2000 Chip Implementation For Wireless Applications
3. Research On Technologies Of GMI Magnetic Sensor And Magnetic Anomaly Detection
4. The Research Of Image Compression Based On Lifting Scheme
5. Research On Robust Image Digital Watermarking Technology
6. Researching Wavelet Transform Coding And Quality Evaluation Methods Of Image Based Human Visual System
7. The Research Of Watermarking Based On Multiwavelet And Genetics Algorithm
8. Research On Key Techniques Of Video Coding
9. Study On Rate Control And Region Of Interest In Image Coding
10. Research On Digital Watermarking Algorithm
11. Robust Audio Watermarking Algorithms
12. Study On Some Key Issues In Facial Expression Recognition
13. Research On Architecture Design Of VLSI Implementation For High Speed Image Compression Coder
14. Research On New Techniques For Digital Images And Video Watermarking Embedding
15. Research On Digital Watermarking Algorithms For Images
16. The Research Of Complex Wavelets Theory And Their Applications In Image Denoising And Enhancement
17. Implementation Of Onboard Image Compression System Using FPGA
18. Contributions To Image Compression With Low-Memory Requirement
19. Face Recognition Research Based On Spline Dyadic Wavelet
20. Robust Adaptive Digital Multimedia Watermarking Techniques For Copyright Protection
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