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1. Tensor Theory And Its Application To Array Signal Processing
2. Reseach On Pattern Synthesis And Direction Of Arrival Estimation For Sparse Array
3. High-resolution Parameter Estimation Algorithm For The Electromagnetic Vector Sensor Array
4. Study On STAP In Heterogeneous Environment And Parameter Estimation For MIMO Radar
5. Research On 2D DOA Estimation Algorithm For Array Signal
6. Low Complexity Algorithms Of Direction-of -Arrival Estimation For Array Signals
7. Study On New Joint Sparse Recovery Algorithms And Their Applications
8. Dual-Frequency Fully-Digital HF Ocean Radar: Development And Research On Related Issues
9. Study On Channel Modeling And Signal Parameter Estimation For HF Communication Based On Alpha Stable Distribution
10. Research On Wireless Localization In Indoor Environment
11. The Research On Key Technology Of Direction Of Arrival Estimation For Array Signal Processing
12. Research On Direction-of-arrival Estimation Algorithms Based On Sparse Representation Of Signals
13. Study On Angle Estimation And Disambiguation Algorithm For Distributed Subarrays Antennas Radar
14. High-resolution Parameters Estimation Algorithms For Near-field Complex Sources
15. Research On Array Design And Sparse Robust Signal Processing Algorithms For MIMO Radar
16. Method And Application Of Dual Quaternion Model Vector Antenna Array Signal
17. Study On Passive Location Of Emitter
18. Constant Modulus Algorithms And The Applications In Blind Beamforming
19. Array Based High Resolution Direction Finding Technique
20. Study On Wireless Location And Parameter Estimation For DS-CDMA Cellular Radio Networks
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