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1. Research On Placement Mechanism For SaaS Multi-Tenant Data
2. Key Technology Researches For Hybrid Storage Systems Based On Phase Change Memory
3. The Important Technologies’ Research Of Big Data Organization And Management In Distributed Environment
4. Efficient Algorithms For Image Restoration And Parallel Processing
5. Study On The Key Issues Of Database Cluster System
6. Data Partition And Model Reconstruction Of Reverse Engineering
7. General-purpose Multi-core Cluster Parallel Tuning Strategy Research
8. Study On Data Partition DBSCAN Using Genetic Algorithm
9. A Study And Discussion Of Optimized Algorithm For Distributed Data Query
10. The Research And Application On Data Warehouse Design Method
11. A Research On The Key Rendering Techniques Of Complex Scene
12. Research Of Parallel Algorithm For Mining Association Rules Based On Data Partition
13. Techniques And Implementation Of Publish/Subscribe-based Real-Time Replicate Of Grid Database
14. Research On Test Data Partition Compression Of System-on-Chip
15. Unequal Error Protection Research Based On H.264 Code Stream
16. The Research On The Robustness Of H.264-based Video Transmission
17. The Research Of Coding And Transmission Of H.264 In Wireless Network
18. Turtle: A Lan-Based Distributed Storage System
19. Research And Design On Atom Feed Storage Cluster Based On REST Architecture
20. The Study Of Distributed Spatial Data Mining Algorithm Based On Grid Technology
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