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Keyword [Data analysis]
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1. Automatic And Quantitative Data Analysis Methods In Optical Three-dimensional Imaging
2. Multimodal Multimedia Data Analysis And Key Technology Research
3. Data Analysis And Learning With Epistemic Uncertainty Modelled By Belief Functions
4. Key Technologies And Applications On Real-time Streaming Data Analysis
5. Research On Programmer Behavior Tracking And Analysis
6. Research On Rough Set Data Analysis Based Intelligent Decision Support Systems
7. Research On Intrgrated Management Of Outlier In Intelligent Data Analysis
8. Study On Method Of Data Analysis And Its Correlative Technologies In Intrusion Detection Systems
9. Research On Medical Data Processing Based On Machine Learning Methodologies
10. Research On The Method Of Intelligent Data Analysis Based On Rough Set And Concept Lattice
11. Study On Advanced Computing Techniques Based Consumer's Behaviour Characterizing For Sensory Evaluation Of Industrial Products
12. Microarray Data Analysis And Applications In Breast Cancer Data Analysis
13. Study On The Reasoning Under Uncertainty And Data Analysis Oriented Pattern Recognition Methods
14. Multi-Dim Data Analysis Based On Sequence Constructive Neural Network
15. Research On Business Data Analyzing Method Based On Empirical Mode Decomposition And Dynamic Data Mining
16. Research On Neural Networks And Distributed Computing Based On Multidimensional Data Analysis
17. Research On Relevant Problems Of DNA Microarray Expression Data Analysis
18. The Research On The Quality Control Methods Of Database Search Results Of Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data In Proteomics
19. Research On P2P Network And User Behaviors Modeling And Analysis Based On Measurement And Simulation
20. Study Of Cognitive Neuroscience Mechanism Of Heuristic Problems Solving And Methods Of FMRI Data Analysis
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