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1. Studies On Nanoparticles-based Novel DNA And Immuno Electrochemical Biosensors
2. The Study On Hydrogen Peroxide And DNA Sensors Based On The Nanostructured Metal Oxides
3. Study On The Preparation And Application Of Novel Electrochemical DNA Sensor
4. Piezoelectric DNA Sensor Based On Gold Nanoparticle Amplification
5. A Highly Selective ECL DNA Sensor Based On Hairpin DNA Probe Labeled With Ruthenium Complex
6. Study Of DNA Biosensor And Application In The Detection Of Hg2+
7. Design And Application Study Of Signal-enhanced Electrochemical Sensor Based On Nanomaterials In DNA Hybridization And Explosive Detection
8. Studies On The Electrochemical Biosensors Based On The Signal Amplification Technology
9. Preparation And Electrochemical Performances For Bio-Sensor Of Layered Organic-inorganic Perovskite
10. Preparation Of Photoelectrochemical Biosensor Based On Ruthenium Complex
11. The Research Applications Of Electrochemiluminescence Biosensor Based On The Nanoparticles
12. Fabrication Of Photoelectrochemical Biosen-Sors Based On Quantum Dots And Their Na-Nocomposites
13. Study On New DNA Electrochemical Biosensing Methods By Nuclease-based Signal Amplification
14. DNA Sensors Based On Electrochemiluminescence For The Detection Of TATA Binding Protein
15. Graphene Sheets, Polyaniline And Aunps Based DNA Sensor For Electrochemical Detemination Of Bcr/abl Fusion Gene With Functional Hairpin Probe
16. A Quartz Crystal Microbalance DNA Sensor Constructed Based On Enzymatic Amplification Cycle
17. Electrochemical Detection Of Two Kinds Of Heavy Metal Ions Using Graphene And Bio Bar Code Assay
18. The Study Of Electrochemical DNA Sensor For Detection Of Mercury Ions
19. The Fabrication Of DNA Sensors Based On Lanthanide Metal-organic Frameworks And Their Analytical Applications
20. Biological And Chemical Sensor Based On Optical Microfiber With Functional Coatings
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