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Keyword [Coupling coefficient]
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1. Investigation On Microwave Integrated Dielectric TM Mode Filter And Coupled-line Based Power Dividing Circuits
2. Research On The Mechanism And Application Of End-fire Antenna Array
3. Mechanism And Experiment Investigation Of Ablation Mode For Laser Propulsion
4. The Research On Microwave Dual-Band Bandpass Filters For Wireless Communication
5. The Propagation Characteristics Of The Optical Waveguides Including Left-handed Materials
6. Study On The Manufacturing Theory And The Key Techniques Of Fused Polarization Maintaining Fiber Couplers
7. Study Of LM-SAW Biosensors Based On The Nano-ZnO Film
8. Research On The Parameters Of Love Wave Sensor
9. Design And Coupling Analyses Of Antennas In Missile
10. Study On The Electromagnetic Coupling Characteristic Of Microstrip Resonator
11. Analysis On Coupling Coefficients Arising From Different Lateral Modes Of Wide-aperture Diode Laser Array Phase Locked In An External Cavity
12. Application Of Nonlinear Programming To Determine Laser-Matter Energy Coupling Coefficient
13. Research On The Electromagnetic Coupling Characteristic Of Microwave Resonator And Its Application
14. The Application Of Defected Ground Structure In Quasi-Elliptic Microwave Filters
15. Mechanism Study On Air-breathing Laser Propulsion
16. The Study On Sensors Based On Long-period Fiber Gratings
17. Experimental Study On Impulse Coupling Coefficient During TEA CO2 Laser Ablating Aluminum
18. Experimental Study On The Coupling Rule Of Si Under Combined Laser Irradiation
19. Design Of Semiconductor Micro-cavity Narrow Bandwidth Filter
20. Research On Micro-Ring Based Integrated Demulitiplexing And Receiving Technology Of WDM Systems
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