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1. Insight Into The Extinction Of Of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
2. Research On Gas Sensors Based On Oxide Semiconductors And Their Heterostructures
3. Study On Surface Plasmon Resonance-induced Enhancement In Photoluminescence Properties Of CdTe Quantum Dots
4. The Properties Of Submicron BaTiO3 Fine-grained X7R MLC Ceramic Material
5. Study On The Light Emission Properties And Design Of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) And Other Layered Nanostructures
6. Photoluminescence Enhancement Of Silicon-based Semiconductor Materials By Coupling With Metal Surface Plasmon
7. Gold Nanoparticles For Sensor Application
8. Preparation And Properties Of ZnS Composite Semiconductor Nanoparticles
9. The Structure And Electronic Properties Of Silicon / Germanium Heterojunction Nanowires
10. Chongqing College Of Electronic Engineering Employment Information Platform For The Design And Realization
11. Chengdu Electric Power Performance Management Information System Design And Implementation
12. Design And Implementation Of .NET-based Mobile Communication Base Station Equipment Management System
13. Polishing Performance Of TiO2and TiO2/CeO2Composite Oxide With Core/Shell Structure
14. Heterostructured Electroluminescent Devices Based On Low-dimensional ZnO
15. Study On Ag@C Core-shell Nanocomposite Biosensors
16. Study On Preparation And Optical Properties Of Tin Oxide Structure
17. Preparation And H2S Gas Sensing Properties Of ZnS Decorated ZnO Nanorods-based Sensors
18. Study On Properties Of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance And Chitosan Micelles Fluorescence Applied To Chemical/Biological Sensor
19. Synthesis And Optical Properties Of Rare-Earth Doped Cdse QDs In Aqueous Solution
20. The Application Of Electrochemical Sensors Based On Porphyrin Nanocomposites
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