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Keyword [Convolutional Neural Network]
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1. Study On The Sparsity-based SAR Image Target Recognition
2. Depth Estimation From A Monocular Image
3. Research On Recognition Of Serial Number In Bank Notes With Complex Background
4. The Study Of Object Detection Based On Context
5. Research On Object Detection In Complex Background
6. Deep Model And Its Application To Visual Text Analysis
7. Research And Application Of Image Feature Learning And Classifiction Methods Based On Deep Learning
8. Study Of Convolutional Neural Network And Its Applications In License Plate Recognition
9. Face Detection: A Convolutional Neural Networks Approach
10. The Research On CAPTCHA Recognition Technology
11. Study On Object Recognition Models Based On Visual Pathway
12. Research On Face Detection And Gender Recognition Based On Convolution Neural Network
13. Research And Implementation Of Neural Network Verification System
14. Study Of Convolutional Neural Network Applied On Image Recognition
15. Verification Code Decoding Algorithm Research And Implementation
16. Action Recognition Method Based On Sparse Auto-Combination Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Neural Network And Its MapReduce Implementation
17. Research On Algorithm And Application Of Deep Learning Based On Convolutional Neural Network
18. Traffic Sign Recognition Research&Implementation On Mobile Devices
19. Research Of Membrane Segmentation Application Based On Random Forest And Convolutional Neural Network
20. Sex Based On Facial Image Classification
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