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Keyword [Compressed sensing]
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1. Fast Algorithm Research And Hardware Implementation On Image Processing
2. The Research On Algorithms Of Distributed Compressed Sensing And Their Applications
3. Research On New Methods For ISAR Motion Compensation And Imaging
4. Parameter Estimation Of MIMO Radar Based On Compressed Sensing
5. Compressed Sensing-based Imaging Methods For High-Resolution Radar
6. Reseach On Pattern Synthesis And Direction Of Arrival Estimation For Sparse Array
7. Research On Cs-sar Imaging Theory And Algorithms Based On Sparse Representation In The Fractional Fourier Domain
8. Study On HRWS SAR Imaging And The Algorithm Performance Improvement
9. Study On The Ultrasonic Detection And Image Restoration Technologies Based On The Theory Of Convex Optimization
10. Block Adaptive Compressed Sensing With Coevolution Optimization And Image Prior
11. Study On Compressed Sensing Based Video Reconstruction
12. Range Spread Target Detection For Wideband Radar Based On Compressed Sensing
13. Research On Approaches And Applications To Compressive Sensing Sparse Signal Recovery From Magnitude/Phase Measurement
14. Compressive Estimation Of Fast Time-varying Channels In OFDM Systems
15. Research On Super-resolution Method In High Frequency Over The Horizon Radar Based On Compressed Sensing
16. Pan-Sharpening Of Remote Sensing Images With Fusion Framework And Sparse Representation
17. Study On High Resolution Target Detection And Information Transmission Based On Compressed Sensing
18. Study Of Radar Automatic Target Recognition Based On Sparse Bayesian Learning
19. Study On The Key Technologies Of Compressed Sengsing Based On Structural Characteristics Of Signal
20. Study On New Joint Sparse Recovery Algorithms And Their Applications
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