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Keyword [Chaotic mapping]
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1. Turbo Code Decoding Structure Based On Prediction Control
2. On Watermarking Technique Based On Chaos
3. Research On The Application Of Authentication And Key Agreement Protocol In 3G
4. Research On Robust Watermarking Arithmetic Without Original Image
5. Cubic Chaotic Mapping And Its Application In Chaotic Masking Communication
6. Research Of Digital Image Encryption
7. Design Of AES Algorithm Based On Two Dimensional Logistic And Chebyshev Chaotic Mapping
8. Turbo Code Interleaver And Decoding Structure
9. Coded Excitation And Echo Processing Of Non-Crosstalk Ultrasonic Ranging System
10. Application Of Chaotic Mapping Based Function In RFID Security Protocol
11. Digital Watermarking Algorithm Of Color Image Based On DWT
12. Research On Hash Function Based On Chaotic Mapping
13. Research On Image Encryption Algorithm Based On Labyrinth Displacement And Chaotic Mapping Equation
14. Research Of Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm Based On Wavelet Transform
15. An Image Information Hiding And Extraction Algorithm Based On The Chaotic Mapping
16. Encryption Algorithm Based On Chaotic Mapping Studies
17. Study And Improvements For Particle Swarm Optimization Based On Controlled Chaotic Mapping
18. Iterative Learning Identification Method For Digital Image Hiding
19. Application And Research Of Chaos Technology In RFID Security Authentication Protocol
20. Research On Image Encryption Algorithm Based On Chaos Theory
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