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Keyword [Certificateless encryption]
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1. Research On Certificateless Public Key Encryption
2. Research On Equipment Safety Management For Converged Network
3. Analysis And Design Of Certificateless Encryption Schemes Against Malicious KGC Attacks
4. Efficient Public Key Encryption Schemes With Leakage Resilience
5. Research On Key-Insulated Cryptography And Its Application
6. Constructions And Security Proofs Of Encryption Schemes In Different Settings
7. Design And Implementation Of Cloud Storage Encryption System Based On Uncertificated Encryption
8. Research On Public Key Encryption With Keyword Search
9. Research On Searchable Encryption Key Technique In Cloud Environment
10. Research On Unified Authority Control Mechanism
11. Research On Encryption Algorithm With Equality-testing
12. Design And Implementation Of Cloud Storage System Based On Certificateless Proxy Re-Encryprion
13. Research On Data Integrity Verification Scheme Based On Lattice Theory
14. Design And Implementation Of File Encryption System Based On Certificateless Multi-receiver Signcryption
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