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Keyword [Certificateless cryptography]
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1. The Analysis And Design Of Certificateless Cryptographic Schemes And Proxy Cryptographic Schemes
2. Research On Ring Signature Schemes And Their Applications
3. Design And Analysis Of Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols
4. Research On The Key Escrow Problem In Identity Based Cryptosystem
5. Research On Some Issues In Authenticated Key Agreement Protocols
6. Design And Analysis Of Certificateless Signature And Signcryption Schemes
7. Wireless Ad Hoc Network Key Management Program
8. Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol And Its Applications
9. Research Of Based On CL-PKC And ACO Routing Protocol In Wireless Sensor Networks
10. Research On Anonymous Remote User Authenticaton And Key Agreement For Cloud Storage
11. Researching Of Efficient Designated Verifier Signature Scheme And Application
12. Two Kinds Of Proxy Signature Schemes And Application
13. Construction And Security Proof Of Some Fundamental Public Key Cryptographic Schemes
14. Design And Analysis Of Security Protocols For WBAN
15. User Authentication And Key Agreement Protocols For Mobile Environments
16. The Research On Certificateless Public Key Encryption With Keyword Search
17. Research Of Efficient Anonymous Certificateless Multi-receiver Signcryption Scheme
18. Studies Of Certificateless Signature Against Malicious-but-passive KGC Attacks In The Standard Model
19. The Design Of The Two Certificateless Signcryption Schemes
20. Research Of Cloud Data Deduplication Mechanism Based On Certificateless Cryptography
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