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Keyword [Certificateless Cryptosystem]
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1. Signature And Signcryption On Conic Curve
2. The Formal Study Of Secure Threshold Cryptographic Schemes
3. Research On Several Problems Of Signcryption And Generalized Signcryption
4. The Study Of Several Identity-based Cryptosystems
5. Research On Several Signcryption Schemes
6. Research Of Key Agreement Protocol Based On Certificateless Cryptosystem
7. Research On Key Technology Of Unified Access Authentication For Space-ground Integration Network
8. Signcryption Research Based On Certificateless Cryptosystem
9. Research On Signature And Signcryption Based On Certificateless Cryptosystem
10. Research On Key Technologies Of Bluetooth Key Agreement For Mobile Voice Security
11. Research On Proxy Digital Signature Based On Certificateless
12. Research On Searchable Encryption Scheme Based On Certificateless Cryptosystem
13. Research And Implementation Of Key Agreement Authentication Protocol
14. Research On Certificateless Proxy Signature Algorithm Without Bilinear Mapping
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