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1. Study On Surface Plasmon Resonance-induced Enhancement In Photoluminescence Properties Of CdTe Quantum Dots
2. Electric-optically Q-switched And Cavity-dumped RF Waveguide CO2 Laser
3. First-principles Study On The Structural And Electronic Properties Of Middle-Small Size (CdS)_n And (CdTe)_n Clusters
4. Preparation Of CdTe Semiconductor QDs In Water And Investigation On Their Optics Properties
5. Synthesis And Modification Of Water-Soluble Luminescent Quantum Dots
6. Large-screen Projection Display Liquid Crystal Light Valve Vopc, The Preparation Of Cdte Composite Optical Absorption Layer
7. Study On Exciton Binding Energy Of Cd 1-x Mn Te / CdTe Quantum Wells
8. Construction And Application Of CdTe Quantum Dots Based Electrochemical Biosensors For Catechol
9. Fluorescence Recovery And Visual Sensing For Pyrophosphate And ATP Based On CdTe-Eu3+ System
10. Studying On A CdTe Quantum Dots Electrochemiluminescent Sensor Based On Carbon Nano-tubes Supporting
11. P-type CdTe Nanowires: Controllable Synthesis And Nano-optoelectronic Devices Application
12. Electrochemiluminescent Sensor Based On Solid-phase CdTe Quantum Dots
13. Preparation Of GSH @ CdTe Quantum Dots Biological Sensor And Click Chemistry AuNP Self Assembly Controlled By Click Chemistry
14. Study On Photoelectric Properties Of Ⅱ-Ⅵ Group Semiconductor CdTe Low Dimensional Quantum Structure
15. The Study Of CdTe Quantum Dots Fluorescence Enhancement Affected By Gold Nanoholes Array
16. Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth And Mechanism Of Cadmium Telluride Single Crystalline Films On Oxide Substrate
17. Assembly Of Light-emitting Diode Based On Hydrophilic CdTe Quantum Dots
18. Fabrication And Characterization Of 12.5?m Long Wave Infrared Detector
19. The Synthesis And Band Alignment Of ?-? Semiconductor Heterostructures
20. The Physical Characteristics Of ?-?/?-? Telluride Compound Semiconductors And Heterostructures
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