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Keyword [Carbon Nanotubes]
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1. Fundamental Investigation Of Resistive Gas Sensors Based On MWCNTs And RGO
2. Study Of Novel Functional Sensing Materials-Based Electrochemical And Optical Sensors
3. Study Of Novel Structure Low Voltage Drived Carbon Nanotubes Field Emission Displays
4. Study On Grid Emission Suppression And Application Of Cold Cathode In Microwave Tubes
5. Studies On The CVD Growth Of Carbon Nanotubes On Silicon/Silica Substrates
6. Basic Research Of The Gas Ionization Sensors Based On Carbon Nanotubes
7. Preparation Of Nanowire Array And Composite Films Based On Carbon Nanotubes For The Construction Of Electrochemical Biosensors
8. The Preparation Of Nanotube Composite And Its Application For Biosensors
9. Studies Of Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensors Fabricated Using Nanomaterials
10. Research On Carbon Nanotubes Gas Sensor And Its Detection System Based On Stochastic Resonance
11. Study Of SF6 Detection System Based On Stochastic Resonance And Aligned Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Gas Sensor Array
12. Study Of Amperometric Biosensor Based On Carbon Nanotubes And It's Applications In Pesticides Detection
13. Electrochemical Biosensors Enhanced By Carbon Nanotubes And Room Temperature Ionic Liquid: Fabrication, Characterization And Application
14. Studies Of Biosensors Based On Carbon Nanotubes And Ion Transfer Across The Liquid/Liquid Interface
15. Studies On Biosensors For Cells And Biocompatibility Of Nanomaterials
16. Development Of Chemical/Biosensors And Its Investigations And Applications In Chemical Analysis
17. Study On Thick-Film Based Bio-Chemical Sensor For Blood Analysis
18. Magnetic Beads-based Electrochemical Immunosensor
19. Development Of Amperometric Chemo-/biosensors Based On Thiol-ene Chemistry And Research On Highly Sensitive Piezoelectric Biosensing
20. Studies On Carbon-Nanotubes Field-Emission-Planer-Display Technique
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