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1. Research On Al2O3Waveguide Dielectric Film Of Electrode Surface For RF Slab CO2Laser
2. Research On RF Discharge Technology Of High Power Slab CO2Laser
3. Research On High-energy Optically Pumped Gas Terahertz Laser
4. Research The Thermal Diffusion Of The Material Under The CO2Laser Irradiation
5. Theoretical And Experimental Studies On Surface Damage Repaire Of Fused Silica Optical Components
6. Beam Characteristic And Its Thermal Stability Of The Radio Frequency-excited Slab CO2Laser
7. Research On High Efficient D2O Gas THz Laser Optically Pumped By TEA CO2Laser
8. Fabricating Of All-optical Fiber Sensors And Its Sensing Application Research
9. Study Of Tea CO2Laser And Its Grating Tunable Automatic Control System
10. Research Of High-Power TEA CO2Laser Full-Bridge Power Supply With Series Resonant Mode
11. The Fiber Laser Engraving System Based On Digital Signal Processor
12. Study On The Design And Simulation Of Infrared Photonic Crystal Fiber Energy Transfer System
13. Study On The Fabrication Process Of Infrared Hollow-core Bragg Fiber
14. Design And Characteristic Analysis Of The Infrared Hollow-core Bragg Fiber With Compound Period
15. Design And Implementation Of A Laser Treatment Control System
16. Research On The Anode And Grid Circuit For High Power RF Laser Power Supply
17. Studies On Mechanical Q-switched CO2Laser
18. Study On Electromagnetic Radiation Of High Power Radiofrequency Slab CO2Laser
19. Numerical Simulation Of Coil Heat Exchanger In Compact Fast-axial-flow CO2Laser
20. A Fast Axial Flow CO2Laser Remote Montior Control System Based On GSM Short Message And PLC
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