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Keyword [Blind deconvolution]
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1. Research On The Key Technology Of Atmospheric Degraded Remote Sensing Image Restoration
2. Research On Demultiplexing Technology For Mode Division Multiplexing System
3. Theory & Application Of Adaptive Blind Signal Processing
4. A Research On Multiframe Images Resolution Enhancement
5. Research On Image Restoration Algorithms In Imaging Detection System
6. Research On Signal Processing Method For The Analysis Of Wheat Quality
7. Research On Blind Signal Separation Of Audio Signals
8. Research On Blind Source Separation Algorithms
9. Research On Multi-frame Postprocessing Algorithm Based On Images Of Laser Active Imaging
10. Some Theory Studies And Applications Of Digital Image Deblurring
11. Application Research On Embedded Barcode Recognition System Based On Image Processing
12. Acoustic-based Condition Monitoring Of Machinery Using Blind Signal Processing
13. Digital Confocal Microscopy And Research Of Its Image Restoration Algorithms
14. Algorithm Research On Blind Separation Of Acoustic Mixtures
15. Blind Signal Separation Algorithm In Convolutive Mixture Model
16. The Research Of Blind Deconvolution For Mixing And Convolution Signal
17. Study On Blind Deconvolution Of Noisy Images
18. Research On Multi-target Separation And Location Based On Blind Signal Processing
19. Speech Enhancement And Separation Based On Microphone Array
20. Blind Restoration Of Blurred And Noisy Images And Ringing Reducing
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