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1. Applied Research On DNA Self-assembly Model In Biosensor Design
2. The Research Of Improving Detection Limit Of Microfluidic Biosensor
3. Ⅰ:Construction And Application Of Leaky Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensor Ⅱ:Identification Of Two Rare Pathogenic Microorganisms
4. Fabrication Of Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Nucleic Acid-Based Biosensor And Detection Performance
5. Construction And Application Of Electrochemical Biosensor Based On Silver Nanoparticles
6. Study Of Biosensors Based On Inorganic Nano-composite Materials And Organic Thin-film Materials
7. Research On Cardiomyocyte-based Impedance And Potential Biosensors For Detection Of Ion Channel Marine Toxins
8. Construction And Application Of Several Functional Nucleic Acid Based Heavy Metal Ion Sensors
9. Fabrication And Performance Analysis Of Biosensors Based On Different Hybrid Nanomaterials
10. Study On Electrochemical Biosensors Based On Nanomaterial And Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification
11. Signal Amplification Strategies And Graphene-type Nanomaterials Used In Optical Biosensing Technology
12. Studies On Analytical Methods Of Biosensing Based On Rolling Circle Amplification And Nanomaterials
13. Novel Biosensing Methods Based On The Cytochrome C And Nanometer Luminescence Materials
14. Study On Electrochemiluminescence Biosensor Based On Peptide And Aptamer
15. Investigation On The Microfluidic Chemiluminescence Biosensor Chip And The Chemiluminescence System
16. Research And Development Of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Biochemical Analysis Instrument
17. Development Of Novel Electrochemical DNA Biosensors Based On Nano-Materials
18. New Fabricating Methods Of Active Nano-interface As Applied To Electrochemical Biosensor Design
19. Study On Novel Nanomaterials Derived Biosensors And Their Applications
20. Construction Of Novel Nanogold Biosensor And Preliminary Investigation On DNA Damage
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