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1. Optical Waveguide Biosensors Based On Silicon-on-Insulator Platform
2. Optical Biosensors Based On Nanostructured Waveguiding Layer
3. Novel Biosensing Methods Based On Nucleic Acid Probe And Nanomaterial
4. Signal Amplification Strategies And Graphene-type Nanomaterials Used In Optical Biosensing Technology
5. Research On Biosensing Technology Based On Upconversion Nanoparticles And Other Novel Nanomaterials
6. Studies On Analytical Methods Of Biosensing Based On Rolling Circle Amplification And Nanomaterials
7. Novel Biosensing Methods Based On The Cytochrome C And Nanometer Luminescence Materials
8. Giant Magnetoimpedance Effect In Meander-shaped Sandwich Films And Its Applications For Biosensing
9. Highly Sensitive Biosensing Technology And Construction Of Detection System In Environmental Pollution Control
10. Fabrication Simulation Of 3D C-MEMES/NEMS For Biological Sensing And Manipulation
11. Preparation Of Nano Oxide Semiconductor Electrode Materials And Its Electrochemical Biosensing Applications
12. Development Of Amperometric Chemo-/biosensors Based On Thiol-ene Chemistry And Research On Highly Sensitive Piezoelectric Biosensing
13. Studies Of Electrochemical Biosensing Techniques Based On Tyramide Oxidation Deposition
14. Study Of Superoxide Anion Related Biosensing Technologies
15. A Study Of Biosensing Based On The Noble Metal Nanoparticles
16. The Preparation And Application Of Multifunctional Fiber Optic Biosensing Material
17. Study On Biosensing Properties Of Porous Silicon Composite Structure
18. Study On The Preparation And Properties Of Fluorescent Optic Complex Biosensing Materials
19. Study On Biosensing Technology Based On Thermal Oxidation Porous Silicon Interference Effects
20. Syntheses Of Nanocomposites And Their Applications In Electrochemical Biosensing
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