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Keyword [Biochemical sensor]
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1. Dynamic Characteristics Of Micro-Diaphragm Of Resonant Biochemical Sensors Considering The Effect Of Residual Stress
2. Research Into CMOS Weak Current Readout Circuit For Biochemical Sensor System On Chip
3. Temperature-Insensitive Biochemical Sensor And All-Optical Switching Based On Fiber Gratings
4. The Planar Optical Waveguide Biochemical Sensor Based On Polymer Material
5. Study On Structure Design And Fabrication Of Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Biochemical Sensor With Acoustic Energy Compensation
6. Research On Biochemical Sensor And The Detecting Device For Detecting Explosives
7. Design And Application Of Microcantilever Array Biochemical Sensor
8. Optical Fiber Biochemical Sensor Based On Fluorescence And Surface Enhanced Raman Spectra
9. Design Of Full-fiber Sensor Based On Thin Core Fiber Modal Interferometer
10. Novel Optical Devices Based On Whispering-gallery Mode Microcarities
11. Design And Optimization Of Silicon-Based Microring Biochemical Sensor
12. Research On Optical Waveguide Ring Resonator Biochemical Liquid Sensor
13. Study On Light Capillary Surface Plasma Resonance Biochemical Sensor
14. Research On Waveguide Sensor Of Cascaded Two Ring Resonators Based On Polymer
15. Study On The Dynamic Characteristics Of Circular Micro-Diaphragms In Resonant Micro-biochemical Sensor
16. Optical Biochemical Sensing Detection Study Based On Graphene Oxide
17. Development And Detection Application Of Microcantilever Array Biochemical Sensor
18. Biological And Chemical Sensor Based On Optical Microfiber With Functional Coatings
19. A Biochemical Sensor Based On Air-suspended-core Microstructured Fiber
20. Research On LSPR Biochemical Sensor Chip Based On Interference Exposure Technology
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