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Keyword [Bending loss]
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1. Research On Microbending Optical Fiber Sensors And Reflective Intensity-Modulated Optical Fiber Sensors
2. Study On Guiding Charicteristics Of Large Mode Area Fibers
3. Research On Optical Fiber Grating Sensing Test To Simulation Experiments
4. The Research On Large Stain Measurement Based On Polymer Optical Fiber
5. The Research On The Excitation, Losses And Interconnect Of The Silver Nanowire Waveguides
6. Research On Propagation Characteristics Of Index-guiding Terahertz Photonic Crystal Fibers By The Finite Element Method
7. Study Of Optical Fiber Loss In Engineering Practice
8. Panda Type Polarization Maintaining Fiber Bending Loss
9. Board-level Optical Interconnect Link Design Studies
10. Investigation And Fabrication Of Large-core-diameter Fibers And Multi-core Fibers Based On High-speed Large-capacity Optical Fiber Communications
11. Study On Generation Mechanism And Correction Techniques Of Spectral Distortion For TDLAS
12. Research On Torque Sensing Technology Using Polymer Optical Fiber
13. Design Of An Optical Fiber Sensor For The Aircraft Fuel Measurement System
14. Research On Gain Flatness Characteristics Optimize Of Erbium-Dped Fiber Amplifiers
15. The Research Of Anti-bending Fiber And Nano-structured Fiber
16. Schedule Management Of R5Fiber Development Project In Z Company
17. Study On Bend-Insensitive Fiber
18. Study On Single-mode Fiber With Large Mode Area And Low Bending Loss
19. Study On The Electirc Ifeld And Energy Distirbution Of Micro/nano Optical Fibers
20. Research On A Photonic Crystal Fiber Used In FTTH Short Distance Transmission
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