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1. Research On Activity Recognition In Smart Home Based On Conditional Random Fields
2. Research On Location Based Mobile Information Service
3. Study Of Multiview Feature Selection And Dimension Reduction Techniques With Applications
4. Human-object Interaction Activity Recognition Based On Deep Learning Mechanism
5. The Research On Energy Consumption Models And Charging Strategies For Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks
6. Research On The Key Technologies Of Function Composition Based On Atomic Capability
7. No-reference Quality Evaluation For Infrared Image And Its Application
8. Research On Methods For Pixel-level Multi-source Image Fusion
9. Research On Technologies Of Design And Implementation For Activity-Oriented Context-Aware (AOCA) Application Systems
10. Smartphone Based Indoor Localization For Symbolic Position
11. Research On Mobile Phone And Wearable Devices Based Human Activity Recognition Technologies
12. Research On Recommendation Based On The Trend Of Interests From High Performance Users
13. Study On Optical Stimulation Methods And Parameters Of Pulsed Near-Infrared Laser Evoked Cochlear Neural Activity
14. Signal Amplification Strategies And Graphene-type Nanomaterials Used In Optical Biosensing Technology
15. Research On Biosensing Technology Based On Upconversion Nanoparticles And Other Novel Nanomaterials
16. Studies On Analytical Methods Of Biosensing Based On Rolling Circle Amplification And Nanomaterials
17. Novel Biosensing Methods Based On The Cytochrome C And Nanometer Luminescence Materials
18. Research On Low Bit Rate Speech Coding Based On Perception
19. Studies On Process Modeling Based On Logic Situation Calculus For Virtual Enterprises
20. Study On Formal Description Of Software Architecture
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