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1. Research On Several Key Problems In Security Of Information System
2. Study On Anonymous Electronic Payment Protocol And Security Technology
3. Research On The System Of Product Data Management Based On Colored Timed Workflow Net
4. Research And Realization Of Wireless Active Networks Accounting System
5. Research Of Database Encryption System
6. Research On The Agent-based Authentication Protocol Model In The Web Service
7. Design And Implementation Of DTV Authorization Router
8. Research On Model Of Full Disk Encryption Based On Trusted Virtual Machine
9. Paternity Relationship Model Of Network Information Rescource
10. Research On The Access Authorization And Authentication System Of Grid Resource Based On GT4
11. The Reserarch Of Heterogeneous Cross-Domain Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol In Virtual Enterprise
12. Research Of Unified Identity Authentication Technology Of Agricultural Information Cloud Platform Based On User Behavior
13. Design And Implementation Of The Network Experiment Course Supervision And Evaluation System Based On RBAC
14. Research And Implementation Of The Method Of Data Access Control
15. Privacy Data Protection Scheme In Medical Internet Of Things
16. Research On Searchable Encryption Key Technique In Cloud Environment
17. PRIMA: Privilege management and authorization in grid computing environments
18. Access control for the Web via proof-carrying authorization
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