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1. Research On Graphene-based Photonic Devices
2. Research On Infrared Metamaterial Absorbers And Their Thermal Radiation Controlling Based On Surface Plasmon Polaritons
3. The Study Of The Metamaterial Absorber Using Disorder Structures And Heavily Doped Semiconductors
4. Research On The Single Frequency Fiber Lasers Based On All-fiber Filtering Techniques
5. The Study Of New Saturable Absorbers Based Passively Q-switched And Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
6. Study On The Properties And Mid-IR Lasers Of Cr2+:ZnSe And Cr2+:ZnS Crystals
7. Research On Microwave Engineering Applications Of Novel Electromagnetic Metamaterials
8. Diode-pumped Novel All-solid-state Yb Femtosecond Lasers
9. Study On High Repetition Rate And Broadband Femtosecond Fiber Lasers
10. Resonant Pumped 2μm Holmium - Filled Solid - State Lasers
11. Laser-Diode Pumped Monolithic Nd~(3+):YAG Laser Passively Q-Switched By The Saturable Absorber Cr~(4+):YAG
12. Research On EMC Anechoic Chamber Performance Analysis In Time Domain
13. Investigation On High Power And Low Noise Tunable Single-frequency Fiber Laser For All Optics Communications
14. The Research On 1.5μm Erbium-Doped Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser
15. Study On The Non-Destructive Analysis And Identification Of Pigments On Color Relics And Protection Materials
16. Study Of The Passively Q-switched Laser Properties Of New Saturable Absorber Co2+: LaMgAl11O19
17. Study On Performances Of Reverberation Chamber And Anechoic Chamber At Low Frequency
18. Application Of 6-RSS Parallel Mechanism On Active Control Of Six Dimension Vibration Absorber
19. Study Of Photonic Generation Of Millimeter-wave Signal And Associated Techniques For Radio-over-fiber System
20. Study On Characteristics Of All-Solid-State Q-switched Lasers With V3+:YAG Saturable Absorber At 1.3μm
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